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Smooth, beautifully finished plasterwork does wonders for the interior of your home or business premises. Whether you’re building or renovating, our plasterers can create any style you desire using smooth plaster, ornamental plaster (spachtelputz), spray paint or latex, as well as mouldings and ornaments for a classic atmosphere or a stylish, modern look. The possibilities are endless, but they are not universally applicable, so good advice is essential. Our professionals will be happy to help you with everything from advice to implementation.

You can request a quote simply by using the form below. We will contact you as soon as possible. Naturally, our quotes are completely obligation-free.


You can hire us for large and small renovation projects in both existing houses and newly constructed homes and other buildings. Our customers include both private individuals and businesses, and we also do work for home owners associations, expats and the hospitality industry.


Feel free to contact us to let us know what your wishes are. We look forward to consulting with you about the options available to best meet your needs.