About us

De Wit Stukadoors was founded by Gerard de Wit (1955). His three sons Maik (1984), Jimmy (1987) and Charl (1990) have been working alongside him from an early age. The four of them are continuing to build the plastering company together, which now has branches in West Friesland and Amsterdam. They operate two teams from these branches to serve the whole region, and also offer an emergency plastering service for Amsterdam and its immediate surroundings.


Our professionals have mastered the intricacies of their trade and will carry out the work on your home or business with the greatest of care. Because they know each other extremely well and have worked together for years, they are also perfectly attuned to each other. You will notice this in their efficient way of working and friendly service. In short, you can count on us for solid agreements and a professional approach.

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The quality of the work produced also depends on the materials used. That’s why we work only with top-quality, sustainable products. You’ll see the results in beautifully finished walls and ceilings that you can feel proud of and enjoy for years to come.

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You can hire us for large and small renovation projects in both existing houses and newly constructed homes and other buildings. Our customers include both private individuals and businesses, and we also do work for home owners associations, expats and the hospitality industry.


Feel free to contact us to let us know what your wishes are. We look forward to consulting with you about the options available to best meet your needs.